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The educational / artistic team of TH.E.K.K. "Feather" are:

Rita Putahidou: Founder of TH.E.I.K.K. "Down". Actor-musical, theater teacher.

He studied music-drama at the Brno Conservatory, Czech Republic. He taught Educational Drama and Theater to teachers at PEK Thessaloniki and SELME. He directed plays (mainly children's theater) from the Greek and world repertoire. With her work she has been distinguished in European and world events and in international meetings with children and young people in Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Australia. Organizes theater-pedagogical programs for educational and cultural institutions, organizations and camps, in Greece and abroad. She teaches in seminars and conferences for teachers.

Christina Zouridou: Actor, Theater teacher.

She studied at the University Center of England with the specialty Teacher of Drama in Education - Teacher of educational drama and at the School of Acting - Dramatic Art Mary Traga. He has taught Theatrical Education-Educational Drama in primary and secondary education and in cultural organizations in Athens and Thessaloniki. Founding member of the Pefta Asteri Theater Company. Key member of TH.E.I.K.K. He works as a theatrologist at KEDITH. Directs and organizes theater-pedagogical programs in the Cultural Centers of Municipalities of the country.

Marina Chatziioannou: Actor, Dramatologist.

Graduate of the drama school of K.Th.B.E. and the theater department of the School of Fine Arts of AUTh. He has been working in theater, television and cinema since 2004. He collaborated with DI.PE.THE. Patras, with K.Th.B.E., the theatrical route, angelus novus etc. He worked as an assistant director and as a director for K.Th.B.E. You have been active in the field of education since 2008. He collaborated with schools and theater groups in the city.

Melina Sidiropoulou: Actor, Theater teacher.

Graduate of the Theater Department of the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a degree in acting. He has created theatrical groups of children, adults and people with special needs in educational and cultural institutions of the country. For the last 9 years she has been working in education as a Theatrical Education teacher.

Maria Ioanna Kalidaki: Theater teacher

She graduated from the Theater Department of the School of Fine Arts of AUTh., Acting direction, from the Primary Education Department of the Pedagogical School of AUTh. and studies in the postgraduate program "Public History" of the Open Greek University which concerns the organization of digital, educational and artistic activities with historical content. Since 2004 she has been working as a teacher of theatrical education in primary education, in public and private schools, in general and special education and in cultural associations.

Thanasis Dislis:

A graduate of the Veaki School of Dramatic Art and has been collaborating with the State Theater since 2008. Since then, he has been collaborating with KTHBE, having participated in several performances. At the same time he participated in TV series such as "Para Pente", "The Secrets of Eden", "Life Again" etc. This year is "Babis" in "Courtyard of Miracles" by Iakovos Kampanellis, directed by Costas Tsianos.

Eleni Golfinopoulou:

He graduated from the Film Department of the School of Fine Arts of AUTh. with direction in Sound and Music and later introduced in the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education. He is studying for a postgraduate degree in Museology and Cultural Management. He is involved in the design and animation of film and video workshops for children and teenagers.

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