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Theatrical Visual Arts Center (TH.E.K.K.), especially known in the field of dramatic education under the name "Poupoulo", was created in 1983 by Rita Putahidou, with the aim of creating an autonomous artistic body, non-profit association, open to all theatrical forms of expression and experimentation, with a special emphasis on children, adolescents and young people.

Initially, he was hosted at the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Ampelokipi, in 1988 he settled in his own space, in the center of the city, at 35 Velissariou Street, and since 2007 he continues to create at his new headquarters at the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki.

Many artists and collaborators who framed and helped with their knowledge and experience the efforts of the club.

Among others we can mention: Anna Giannakidou, Maria Paschalidou, Dora Karathanasi, Theofilos Lalo, Asterio Pelteki, Evangelia Movsesian, Katerina Koulakioti, Anna-Maria Angelidou, Dimitris Markatopoulos, Iakopos Ziogos Kogiolis .

Later, people were added to the main members of the association, who, starting from its departments, completed their studies (in Greek and foreign universities and drama schools) and returned to the place that offered them their first stimuli for the art of Dramatic education, to enrich it and develop it into an active nucleus.

In its 36-year course, Poupoulos developed a wide range of activities, remaining true to its original purpose. Thus, various departments were created that aim at the most effective organization and promotion of his work.

More detail :

  • The Educational Department - Educational Drama Center deals with:

i) by organizing and promoting various cycles of seminars, related to Educational Drama and its applications, Dramatic Art and the field of Fine Arts. The seminars we suggest are small and are addressed to both teachers and artists.

ii) by coordinating departments of creative employment through Drama in schools, municipalities and camps.

  • The Feather Workshop is the department that deals with the organization and operation of classes for children, teenagers and young people. The annual classes start in October and end in mid-June. Each section refers to a specific age group and is coordinated by two fixed animators.

  • The Department of Exchanges and Public Relations is responsible for the smooth cooperation of TH.E.K.K. with any external body. Among other things, this department deals with cultural exchange programs, participation in national and international festivals, collaborations with cultural organizations, associations, universities, schools, municipalities…

From 1994 (until 2007) the TH.E.K.K. created a small theater (50 seats), the Pocket Theater, in which he presented his theatrical productions. He is currently collaborating with the Municipal Theater of Ampelokipi, the Alexandros Cultural Center of the Prefecture of Thessaloniki and the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki. To date, Poupoulo has over 60 theatrical works, based on various techniques such as: Black Theater, Pantomime, Commedia del'Arte, Puppet Theater ...

The participation of the children's, adolescent groups and the adult group of Poupoulos in Greek and International Festivals of Children's Theater and Puppet Theater and Festival of Artistic Creation has been distinguished with many awards. The representation of our country in such cultural events was made by the most worthy representative, Poupoulos.

In the 35 years of our presence in the field we have participated in a total of meetings - conferences - festivals:

1986 Argostoli, Kefalonia - 1st Panhellenic Meeting of the Children's Theater

1988 Vienna, Austria - International Children's Theater Festival - Subsidy: Ministry of Culture

1989 Brno, Czech Republic - Children's Theater Meeting - Subsidy: Municipality of Ampelokipi

1990 Zakynthos - Children's Theater Festival - Subsidy: Municipality of Ampelokipi

1992 Argostoli, Kefalonia - 6th Panhellenic Meeting of the Children's Theater

1993 Usti nad Orlice, Czech Republic - Children's Theater Festival - Subsidy: Ministry of Macedonia Thrace

1994 London, Paris - Participation in a Youth Theater Festival - Subsidy: General Secretariat for Youth

1996 New Switzerland Theater, Thessaloniki - Participation in a Youth Festival

1999 Toulouse, France - Children's Theater and Puppet Theater Festival - Subsidy: Ministry of Macedonia Thrace

2002 Geneva and Zurich - Youth Theater Festival in Geneva and the Greek community of Zurich with the theatrical performance "Homer's Odyssey"

2003 Veria - 4th Panhellenic Theater Festival, 1st Prize for Best Performance, Kinesiology Award, Audience Award, with the theatrical performance "Homer's Odyssey"

2005 As, Czech Republic - Youth Theater Festival - Subsidy: General Secretariat for Youth

2012 Brno, Czech Republic - Youth Theater Meeting.

2014 Lingen, Germany - 13th World Children's Theater Festival.

2016 Lingen Germany - Erasmus + Program

2016 Joachimsthal, Germany / Gryfino / Maszewo, Poland - 11th Edered Youth Encounter.

2017 Torino, Italy - 17th European Youth Theater Festival of Languages ​​"Lingue in Scena"

  2017 Aalborg, Denmark - 12th Edered Youth Encounter .


In the difficult social context in which we experience, with the tendency of mental or physical isolation, in the face of the danger of social exclusion, in the new currents of immigrants and in the racist and nationalist tendencies that are often the direct consequences, Culture and art, sources solidarity and mutual respect, are elements that can tie the link of our social chain.

The TH.E.I.K.K. is a member of AITA / IATA (International Association of Amateur Children and Youth Theater), EDERED - European Youth Encounter, the Network for Theater in Education, the Association of Amateur Theater Groups of Northern Greece.

Rita Putahidou

The founder of TH.E.K.K. "Down". Actor-musical, theater teacher

He studied music-drama at the Brno Conservatory, Czech Republic.

Marina Chatziioannou

Actor, Dramatologist.

Graduate of the drama school of K.Th.B.E. and the theater department of the School of Fine Arts of AUTh.

Christina Zouridou

Actor, Theater teacher.

She studied at the University Center of England with the specialty Teacher of Drama in Education - Teacher of educational drama and at the School of Acting - Dramatic Art Mary Traga.

Melina Sidiropoulou

Actor, Theater teacher.

Graduate of the Theater Department of the School of Fine Arts, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a degree in acting.

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