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During the lock-down through the online lessons we had the opportunity to try new ways of expression, such as the representation of theatrical scenes with the technique of animation and video, with the participation of all family members, as well as the creation of a radio theater that came to



The Theatrical Visual Arts Center "Poupoulo" organized the 2nd Internet Meeting in co-organization with the "Motivation in Arts Foundation" of Cyprus and the "Creative Drama & Arts Center" of the Greek Community of Melbourne Australia. The Meeting was attended by artistic organizations from Australia and Cyprus.

As every year, so this year, the Theatrical Visual Arts Center "Poupoulo", completing 38 years of uninterrupted presence in the city, returns fresh. Another dynamic year is expected with courses in theatrical education, kinesiology, verbal and non-verbal expression, music kinetics, orthophony, text analysis, stage speech, stage movement, mask making, puppetry and with the techniques - Black Theater, Pantomime, Commedia del; Arte, Puppet Theater, Theater Forum, Invisible Theater.

From this year, the new department "ANIMACT / Cinema - animation " operates which will teach young people (ages 12-18 years) film lessons: animation, screenwriting and directing, storyboard creation and sound and image editing, with the ultimate goal of production original short film / animation.

The Theatrical Visual Arts Center "Poupoulo" strengthens the dynamic spirit of its groups and proceeds to the operation of the following departments:


  • Junior department - children (from 4.5 years old)

  • Adolescent department (up to 18 years old)

  • Film-animation department (12-18 years old)

In parallel with the main action of the theatrical departments, Poupoulos organizes:


  • Theatrical pedagogical programs for students of primary and secondary education as well as for all kinds of those interested in theatrical art

  • Training seminars for teachers and non-teachers

Information - registrations

at the Olympic Museum of Thessaloniki Ag. Dimitriou & 3rd of September.

By telephone appointment
at 6945843438 and 6942016842

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