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erasmus + KA1

“Theater as a Forum of political Participation”

In a society where there will be a divergent gap of education and wealth in the future, as well as in times of demographic change, it is important -not only for youngsters- to become oriented as far as the working world is concerned. “Theater as a Forum of political Participation” is a project in which theater groups with non-professional players all over Europe simultaneously work on the same topic “Identity through Work” and digitally exchange their process. Finally the directors (hence the multipliers) will meet in order to learn from one another.

The topic „Identity through Work“ is concretely anchored in a socio-political manner. A great distribution is achieved through reaching out into one's own community, the main social structure of each town. The project gains a politically public character. The aesthetic is to be intertwined with socio-political participation. Social media are incorporated.


The foremost goal of the project is to let the intercultural dialogue and the proximity of the individual to the political decision making process become noticeable through the medium theater.


Theater education as a form of active citizenship offers a variety of opportunities of playful exploration of societal circumstances. Theater as a social form of art sui generis and theater education as socialized theater work with all people may design, describe, and accompany such processes, and becomes a platform for the expression of an internal and external development. A theatrical discussion about Europe's future takes place: the spectrum reaches for theater in the public sphere to public panel discussions with artists, politicians, and economists.

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